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                           Our cleaning method

Primrose Cleaning uses a hot water/chemical extraction system.  This forces a powerful spray of chemical and hot water deep into the carpet or rug, dislodging the compacted dirt and then drawing it out using a strong 3 stage vacuum.  This leaves the carpet only slightly damp and will normally be completely dry within just a few hours at the very most overnight (subject to types of carpet, thickness/ depth of underlay and ambient temperature). The chemicals used are safe, bio-degradable and pet friendly.

Sufferers of breathing complaints can feel assured that our cleaning process will not adversely affect them, and in fact can often help relieve some people of their symptoms.

This same system of cleaning is also used on upholstery - sofas, armchairs, footstools or recliners which can all benefit from deep cleaning.

It leaves the material cleaner, fresher and brighter.

We limit the amount of disruption to your home by us moving and replacing all furniture as required and by prior consultation with yourselves.

All work carried out in your home is by Primrose trained cleaners, who are fully insured.




07967 836 231

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